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Dear Colonial Heights and Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Members,

It is our pleasure to announce that earlier this year we entered into discussions to merge the Colonial Heights and Petersburg Chambers of Commerce.

Both Chamber Boards of Directors determined this merger will be extremely beneficial to both Petersburg and Colonial Heights businesses. With that in mind, both boards have been working together diligently to prepare for an official merger to create a new, dynamic, and business-supporting Chamber organization.

The benefits to the two business communities are many, but some of the most compelling reasons behind merging are:

• Economic stability.

• Enhanced cohesion and coordination among the Colonial Heights and Petersburg business communities.

• Expanding our current footprint to include towns in which we may not be currently active.

• Stimulating growth — combining the strengths of each Chamber allows the new Chamber organization to give back more to both members and our communities.

• Exponentially more resources and support for our members.

• Larger networking opportunities.

We are confident that joining our organizations will result in a stronger Chamber that works hard for the success of our joint business community.

The timeline is as follows:

October 1: The Merger Committee will finalize the new bylaws for the joint organization.

Oct 19 : Merger Mixer Colonial Heights – Petersburg Chamber Luncheon (Optimist Club of Colonial Heights 11:30am)

Oct 27: Coffee and Questions (ZOOM) 9:00am

Nov 1: Merger Mixer 5-7pm Trapezium

November 1: Billing for 2022 dues, to be paid by January 2022 as one Chamber

Early 2022: The final merger components will be completed and the single Chamber structure will be finalized.

Please stay tuned for further information on this exciting merger!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to either:

• John Brandt

o Email:

o Office: 804-526-5872

o Cell: 804-931-5419

• Pam Allen:

o Email:

o Cell: 804-892-6570

We are also working to combine our member communications via email and social media sooner than later to better facilitate keeping you updated, sharing details, and working toward our goal of one chamber organization.

In addition, find our FAQ page. The page provides more details about the merger and answers many questions that you may have about this process and the new organization.

We look forward to continuing to support our members and business community. We thank you for your continued membership and support.


Petersburg-Colonial Heights Chamber Board of Directors

Colonial Heights-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Merger

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will the new name of the Chamber be?

A: We’re not sure yet! We’re planning to launch a public outreach process later this month to get your ideas and feedback! Once we have some final choices, we’ll work with a marketing professional to develop the final name and brand.

Q: Will my dues go up?

A: The two Chambers have had different billing structures, so you will inevitably be seeing a difference in your dues. We’ve worked hard to minimize the impacts and while some of you may see slight increases in your dues, others will actually see them decrease.

Q: I was billed annually for my dues before. Will that change?

A: No. Billing for membership dues will still occur on an annual basis.

Q: Will the Chamber office location change?

A: We’re excited to announce that we have plans to launch the first Mobile Chamber! This will be a trailer that we can set up all over the region whether for events, meetings, or just to highlight your business for the day or week.

Q: Who will be on the new Board of Directors?

A: There will be members from both communities, and most members will have been board members on the former boards of each organization.

Q: Do you have any events planned?

A: Yes! We are planning a mixer and informational meeting for this fall to discuss this merger in person with all of you!

Q: Who will be staffing the Chamber?

A: John Brandt, currently with the Colonial Heights Chamber, will remain at the helm of the new joint Chamber!

Q: How will you balance the needs of each community?

A: With a Board evenly representing both communities, John’s attention to detail and community-minded approach, we are confident both Colonial Heights and Petersburg businesses will be evenly and fairly represented in all of our work.

Q: What can I do to help make the merger successful?

A: As always, we are a primarily volunteer run organization so the best way to help is to get involved! Contact John to learn about our volunteer committee opportunities.

Email John at